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The Ultimate Boston Pub Crawl

Fall is the PERFECT time to plan the Ultimate Boston Pub Crawl.  Grab some friends and head out to these historic and iconic establishments! Cheers! (literally–don’t miss this one!)

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Visit the bar that made the TV show famous and where everyone knows your name.

The original Cheers was established in 1895 and is still located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood at 84 Beacon Street. The replica location opened in 2001 in Faneuil Hall at the Quincy Market.

Take the Norm Burger Challenge! If you can finish the Norm Burger, you’ll earn a place in their hall of fame for all to share in your glory!

Hint: If you go to the website and enter your contact info you will get 15% off your next purchase in-store or online.

Green Dragon

The Sons of Liberty met here so often that the Green Dragon was called the “Headquarters of the American Revolution.”
The Green Dragon was established in 1654 so it is technically the the oldest historic bar in Boston. It is currently located on a small side street near Faneuil Hall.

Union Oyster House

Located at 41 Union Street (right on the Freedom Trail), The Union Oyster House is a national landmark and noted for being America’s oldest restaurant. The building dates back to Pre-Revolutionary days, and started serving food in 1826. The stalls and oyster bar are exactly where they were when Daniel Webster was a customer. 

Black Rose

According to their website: For the past 40 years, The Black Rose has been Boston’s premier Irish pub and restaurant. Located in the heart of Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall and steps from the city’s celebrated waterfront, The Black Rose has been serving up perfect pints of Guinness and traditional Irish fare 365 days a year since 1976.

It’s a beloved Boston institution, prompting the Boston Globe to call it “The Fenway Park of Irish pubs.”

I’ll Just Stick to Beer, Thank You!

Check out this list of 13 Amazing Breweries in Boston.

Don’t want to plan your own Boston Pub Crawl?

Join the Freedom Trail Foundation’s Historic Pub Crawl Group Tour.

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13 Boston Breweries: Cheers!

boston breweries Breweries in Boston

If you are looking for a delicious craft beer and great atmosphere (hey, that rhymed!) look no further. We have the ultimate list of Boston Breweries. Cheers!

Note: Some of these breweries are located a bit outside of Boston, but they are worth the adventure!

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Boston Brewery Toursboston breweries tours

Boston Brew Tours has fostered relationships with the Boston area’s best breweries. You can tour breweries ranging from nano-breweries to regional large scale breweries.

We want to hear from you…

What is your favorite Boston Brewery?

Boston’s Back Bay Nightlife

Boston’s Nightlife is as varied as its historical landmarks and beautiful parks. And it is not just for locals. College students, tourists, business travelers, hipsters, and regular people looking for a good time mingle together in some great places in Boston’s Back Bay. Take a look!

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Back Bay Barsback bay nightlife

There are so many to choose from! But we’ve narrowed it down for you, so at least you have a starting point! These won’t disappoint.

Bukowski Tavern – 50 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02115. Since 1998, Bukowski Tavern has been serving the best beer available from local, regional, and global breweries. They serve Americana-style cuisine in a casual setting. This bar is cash only!

The Corner Tavern – 421 Marlborough St, Boston, MA 02115. There are a lot of tourist traps in Boston’s Back Bay. The Corner Tavern is not one of them. This place might be the last neighborhood Bar/Restaurant in the Back Bay. The crowd is a friendly mix of all types, local residents of all ages, plus a few students and staff from nearby Berklee College and MIT.

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar – 271 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116. One of the trendiest spots in the city! Lolita’s specializes in Mexican food and unique tequila drinks. Tuesday is all you can eat tacos!

The Pour House – 907 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02115. The Pour House Bar & Grill is a no frills establishment. Well known to Bostonians as an inexpensive watering hole for people who want to get down and have a good time. It specializes in great attitude, great pricing, and great portions.

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Back Bay Live Music

Berkley Performance Center.  Showcasing more than 250 events each year, the BPC is one of the busiest theaters in Boston. Owned and operated by Berklee College of Music, the BPC hosts concerts by talented students, faculty & visiting artists, as well as concerts and events by outside promoters.

Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. The BPO, founded by Benjamin Zander in 1979, features student, professional, and amateur musicians who present premier performances of top-notch classical music orchestrathat is accessible and enjoyable for both music aficionados and the casual listener. The Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (BPYO), founded in 2012, is a world-class, tuition-free ensemble that inspires passionate music-making in young musicians aged 12 to 21 and follow a motto of “shaping future leaders through music.”

The Brahmin is a restaurant and lounge featuring a unique menu of small plates with live entertainment 5 + nights a week.

Back Bay Entertainmentback bay nightlife bowling

Kings. Features upscale, retro-inspired décor and executive-chef designed menus. They feature a 16 lane bowling alley, air hockey, skee ball, shuffle board, and several pool tables. With varied entertainment options, themed nights, and state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, Kings sets itself apart as an unparalleled social scene for all occasions. Kings is open 7-days/week until 2am and is a 21+ facility after 6pm.

What do you like to do?

We’d love to hear about your favorite Back Bay spots to hang out. Let us know!

Boston Nightlife: Stay Safe and Have Fun

Boston Nightlife

The Boston nightlife scene is amazing and offers a wide variety of entertainment, dining, shopping, shows, and social outings. We want you to be safe and have a great time while visiting this amazing city. Here are a few tips for staying safe while out and about in Boston at night, or any big city. Have fun!

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Safety in NumbersGroup of girls

Don’t go out alone. It is much easier to look after each other in a group. Muggers and thieves often look for people who are alone and may appear to be intoxicated or not paying attention to their surroundings. Plus, the more the merrier!

Additional tip: Always walk in well-lit areas where other people are present.

Don’t Drink too Much

Avoid drinking too much, or if you have been, be sure that you have someone you trust with you who is sober. Alcohol severely impacts judgement and makes you stand out as a potential victim. Alcohol is a
contributing factor in many assaults, so take care so that it doesn’t cause you to be in a situation you cannot control.

walletKeep Track of Your Belongings

The following tips will help you hold onto your things while you are enjoying the Boston nightlife and help you avoid having things stolen.

Purses. Don’t hang your purse on the back of your chair or other places easily accessible to others.

Wallets. Keep you wallet in your pocket. An inside jacket pocket or front pants pocket is best and harder for pickpockets to gain access to.

Cash. Don’t carry a lot of cash, and don’t keep the majority of your cash in your purse or wallet. Tuck some of it away in a different pocket, a sock, or somewhere safe. If you are mugged and told to hand over your purse or wallet, you can do so without losing everything.

Jewelry. While it is tempting to wear your best for a night on the town, it is not a good idea to wear flashy and expensive jewelry and watches. This is a signal to thieves who may start to pay too much attention to you or start to follow you.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundingspay attention to surroundings

You can have fun and pay attention to what is going on around you at the same time. Remember the following things in order to stay safe:

Walk Confidently. Keep your head up, eyes forward and act you like you know where you are at all times. 

Stay in Well-lit Areas. Avoid alleys,vacant lots, wooded areas, and other short-cuts or secluded areas. These are usually not well-lit or heavily traveled. When ever possible, walk on the sidewalk. Walk close to the curb to, avoid doorways, bushes, and other potential hiding places.

 Cell Phones. Avoid talking on your phone or looking at your phone while you are walking outside at night. This is distracting and signals to muggers that you are not paying attention. It paints you as a target!
Headphones. Don’t turn up the volume so high that you cannot hear outside noises.

Using ATMs

Try to avoid using and ATM at night while you are out. If you have to, NEVER use one alone.  Have your companion stand behind you facing away from you to watch for anyone approaching. Be mindful of anyone watching you or following you when you leave an ATM.

Secure your cash and your ATM card in your purse, wallet or pocket before you leave the ATM.

Reporting a Crime

If you are mugged, DO NOT RESIST. Give the person what they are asking for and don’t start an altercation. Immediately report the crime and provide as many details as you can as to the description of the mugger, where they went and anything about their car, if you see that.

If you see a crime happening to someone else call 911 immediately.

a toast with glasses of beerBe Save & Have Fun

You don’t have to be afraid to go out and enjoy the Boston nightlife. Just be smart, pay attention, bring your friends along, and have fun.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

Foodies, take notice! As you know, there are sooooooo many wonderful places to eat in Boston and we can’t possibly list them all here. But we think you’ll like the ones we included from a great place for breakfast to a unique nightcap and all your culinary needs in between! Check ’em out!

Best Places for Breakfast in Bostonbreakfast in boson

Greater Boston’s best breakfast spots from the Boston Globe. Red velvet pancakes & pastrami Benedict. From homey to haute, here is where to go for the most important meal of the day.

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Best Places for Lunch in Boston

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swan boats at boston commonBest Places to Picnic in Boston

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Best Bars in Boston

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There you have it! We are pretty sure you can find SOMETHING on one of these lists that you’ll LOVE!

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Boston Knows Whiskey!

Boston offers a tremendous variety of whiskey AND unique bars with loads of atmosphere.  ENJOY!

Wikipedia describes whiskey as: a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Various grains (which may be malted) are used for different varieties, including barley, corn (maize), rye, and wheat. Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, generally made of charred white oak. 


For a variety of whiskey try Citizen Public House which offers a stamp card for club members to keep track of the more than 200 whiskeys offered or Hops N Scotch which boasts more than 50 different scotches, bourbons, ryes, whiskeys, and cognacs.


For a truly unique atmosphere try Stanza Dei Sigari Cigar Bar which offers an old-fashioned vibe or Saloon in Davis Square with its pre-prohibition aesthetics.

See More Featured Whiskey Bars! 

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Do you have a FAVORITE gathering place? Tell us in the comments!

36 Hours in Boston- Your Weekend Guide!

Boston is the “little big town that offers a lively mix of cultural experiences plus an exploding food scene!”

You’re Weekend of Fun is HERE!

History Buff? Couture Shopper? Foodie? Sports Fanatic? BOSTON HAS YOU COVERED!

The New York Times Travel Contributor, 

Get Energized! Start the day on the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail, winding your way through Revolutionary-era sites.

Find that Perfect Outfit! Shop the designer and funky boutiques in the Back Bay.

36 hours in Boston 3A Night Out! Tons of restaurants for every taste and live music featuring Jazz, Alternative and Indie Bands.

By Land & Sea! Ride the ferry to the Boston Harbor Islands, and grab a bite at a scenic waterfront cafe.  

Finish Strong! Grab the trolley to Fenway Park for a behind-the-scenes guided tour- then stop in a local pub for a pint!


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What did YOU discover in 36 hours- add your favorites in the comments!

Best Rooftop Bars in Boston

If you’re staying in a short term rental in Boston this summer you have to check out one of the many local rooftop bars. Rooftop bars are a great spot to enjoy a sunny lunch or to relax on a hot summer night. Enjoy a cocktail while taking in a view of the city while you are here on a short term rental.

The Baseball Tavern: Just outside of Fenway, the Baseball Tavern is located at 1270 Boylston St. This sports bar is a great place to stop by before or after a game.

The Colonnade Hotel: With a rooftop bar and pool, The Colonnade Hotel is one of the nicest rooftop spots in the city. The rooftop is conveniently located near our Back Bay short term rentals.

Legal Harborside: Located in the Seaport district, Legal Sea Foods Harborside offers a four season rooftop deck with a retractable roof. Enjoy some of the best seafood in the city while looking over the water.

Rooftop@Revere: Seven floors up on the Revere Hotel, Rooftop@Revere is a 16,000 square foot rooftop lounge on Stuart St. in Back Bay. With stellar cocktails, seafood dishes, and a rooftop pool, Rooftop@Revere is one of the best choices for a summer outing.

The Whiskey Priest: A great spot for the whiskey lovers. Boasting one of the better whiskey selections in Boston, The Whiskey Priest also offers a rooftop deck overlooking the ocean.

Enjoy the city from these great rooftop bars during your stay in a Boston short term rental.