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Parking in Boston

Boston is not a grid. parking in bostonBoston’s streets were designed in horse and buggy times, not for our current space age of modern gasoline powered automobile times. Finding your way around can be a challenge and finding parking can be frustrating. Here is our guide to making it all easier so you can spend more time doing and less time circling the block.

Metered Parking in Boston

Ah, the convenience of pulling up to the curb in front of your favorite restaurant,  feeding the meter a handful of quarters and running inside is not as easy as it sounds. Boston’s meters are scarce, and often spaces are marked as “Resident Only” Spaces.

The Office of the Parking Clerk has the job of issuing and collecting parking fines, but they are also responsible for the development and maintenance of the Resident Permit Parking Program. This program is designed to give residents a better chance of finding on-street parking in their own neighborhoods. So, we can’t be too annoyed by people wanting to park close to home.

When you can find a meter you get 12 minutes for $0.25–that’s a lot of quarters! But $1.25/hour is a pretty good deal!

The good news is that there are apps such as ParkBoston where you can pay for parking meters with your phone. Drivers get reminders before their parking time expires and can extend the time without rushing back to the meter. Sweet!

parking in boston

Parkopedia is another great app that shows you all the available parking in Boston and the prices. Unfortunately, it does not tell you whether a garage or metered space is full or not. You still need to have some uncertainly and adventure in your life!

Free Parking Days In Boston

You get a break on Sundays! And on City of Boston Holidays. These are the usual federal and state holidays and a couple that are specific to Boston like Evacuation Day (March 17), Patriots Day (3rd Monday in April), and Bunker Hill Day (June 17).

Parking Garages in Boston

You will definitely pay more than $1.25/hour at a garage, but you won’t have to worry about adding more quarters or getting a parking ticket either. Parking at a garage is waaaayyyyyy cheaper than paying a fine.

BostonParking is a great website that shows the best parking and garages around the city. You simple type in where you want to park and it will give you options based on location. Easy!

parking in boston

Have Fun

No matter what fun activities you have planned, spend a minute or two checking out the parking situation near where you are going so you don’t waste time circling the block losing gas and your temper. There are plenty of parking options in Boston, you just need to know where they are.

Got any parking tips? We’d love to hear them. Please leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

Boston’s West End

Boston’s West End is a small neighborhood occupying the northwest portion of the Shawmut Peninsula and tucked behind Beacon Hill. It is also the home of Massachusetts General Hospital.

The history of the West End can be found at the The West End Museum.  According to their website, the neighborhood was inhabited mostly by immigrants who were displaced by the urban renewal campaign between 1958 and 1960, which plays a large part in being called the “lost neighborhood”.

Boston’s West End became a home to many different immigrant groups, one of the first being Irish, and a large Irish population flourished in here.

Prior to the late 1950s the neighborhood looked much like rest of Boston, densely settled with a diverse culture, houses, business, churches and government buildings.

Must Visit Places in the West EndBoston West End

Museum of Science (MoS). Considered a Boston landmark, it features over 700 ininteractive exhibits, and a number of live presentations throughout the building every day. The museum is also an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and is home to over 100 animals, many of which have been rescued and rehabilitated.

Old West Church. This historic church is located at 131 Cambridge Street and was built in 1806. It was  designed by architect Asher Benjamin, and is considered one of his finest works. The church also played a role in the American Revolution where the phrase “no taxation without representation” was first coined.

The Otis House (now the headquarters of Historic New England. The last surviving mansion in Bowdoin Square. Check here for visiting hours.

Massachusetts General Hospital. According to wikipedia it is the original and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. It is also a biomedical research facility and is the third oldest general hospital in the United States and the oldest and largest hospital in New England.. Mass General conducts the largest hospital-based research program in the world, with an annual research budget of more than $750 million. It is currently ranked as the #1 hospital in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

Charles Street Station. The original subway station to service the then hard to get to West End opened on February 27, 1932, and is still used today.

St. Joseph’s Church. Designed by Alexander Parris and built in 1834 for the Twelfth Congregational Society, it was purchased by the Boston Roman Catholic Diocese in 1862. St. Joseph Catholic Church serves Beacon Hill and the West End.

Dining in the West End

Like the rest of Boston, the West End neighborhood has an eclectic list of unique restaurants. Some of the popular ones include:

  • West End Johnnie’s. The cornerstone of the renewed West End incorporating the melting pot of this historic area through its ambience, people, and food.
  • Boston Beer Works. Restaurant and brewery serving American food and various micro-brews.
  • The Fours Restaurant. Recognized by Sports Illustrated as the best Sports Bar in America, it serves passionate fans among memorabilia that captures the excitement and lore of Boston sports.

Shopping in the West End

While the West End can’t boast the famous shopping of Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay, it does have a few specialty shops spread out throughout the neighborhood.

Hilton’s Tent City is a four-floor specialty store dedicated to outdoor lifestyle gear, including camping kits and backpacks.The Wine Cave is a specialty wine and liquor store right in the heart of the West End.

Whole Foods Market, Tedeschi, and Salumeria Italiana, provide a nice selection to choose from for grocery shopping.

West End Parks

All West End parks are public and do not require a fee. Here are a few to choose from for you next outdoor adventure:

  • Thoreau Path
  • Nashua Street Park
  • Lederman Park
  • Red Sox Field

Don’t forget to add Boston’s West End to your itinerary of things to do in Boston.

Your Next Outdoor Adventure in Boston

Explore Boston on an outdoor Adventure

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure? We’ve been hibernating all winter, waiting for the day to crack the windows, shake out the rugs, and step outside without bracing for the biting wind. Well, that day is here! How are you going to spend your new found seasonal freedom?

Here are our suggestions for your next outdoor adventure in Boston. Breathe deep and listen to the great outdoors!


Did you know that there is a whole initiative in Boston called Boston Bikes?  outdoor adventure biking in bostonAccording to their website, they are part of Boston’s vision for a vibrant and healthy city that benefits all its citizens.

Boston Bikes seeks to make Boston a world-class bicycling city by creating safe and inviting conditions for all residents and visitors. WOW!

Boston might just be THE BEST city for bicycling. Check out all the places you can bike to and fro! Here is a picture gallery of three different bikes trails in Boston. But don’t take our word for it, get out there and see it for yourself! Happy Trails.

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boston beachBeaches

Massachusetts is tied to the sea, and Boston is no exception. You can get to several beaches in under an hour from the city. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Crane Beach in Ipswich, named among the Top 10 U.S. Family Beaches by National Geographic.
  • Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. Just 41 miles from Boston, and relatively less crowded than some beaches and very family friendly. Check it out!
  • Revere Beach, America’s first public beach and has been designated as a National historic landmark. It is located just 4 mile north of Boston and has undergone a massive revitalization in the past few decades. Catch some rays and bask in rich history!

Do you have a favorite beach to add to our list?

Boston Harborboston harbor walk

  • Harbor Cruises. So much to see from a boat. A new perspective. Lots of options here.
  • Boston HarborWalk. Once you are back on dry land take a walk around and calibrate your sea legs. Bostons’ boardwalk is chock full of eye catching people watching and activities including boating, fishing, nature hikes, picnics, and live music in the summer. There are also historical locations to visit, including The Boston Tea Party ship and the USS Constitution.
  • New England Aquarium. Experience local and international marine and wildlife at this amazing Aquarium.
  • Islands. Little Brewster Island and Spectacle Island are both a must see when visiting Boston Harbor. Acres of hiking, miles of beaches and years of history. Make a day of it. Bring a picnic.


Boston Nature Center & Wildlife Conservatory. After checking out the Aquarium, you can head on over to the Boston Nature Center & Wildlife Conservatory. It is located just outside of downtown Boston on the former grounds of the Boston State Hospital.

This community-based urban sanctuary has Trails and boardwalks to view the meadows and wetlands. The Conservatory is home to over 150 species of birds, 40 species of butterflies, and more than 350 species of plants.

Franklin Park Zoo. This zoo is a 72-acres located in Boston’s historic Franklin Park. It is currently operated by Zoo New England, which also operates the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

Go Outsideopen windor for outdoor adventure

No matter what you pick to do, just pick something! The city is waking up from winter and there is so much to see.

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Boston’s South End: Everything You Need to Know

map of Boston's south endBoston’s South End is bordered by Back Bay, Chinatown, and Roxbury. It extends from Massachusetts Avenue on the west to Berkeley Avenue on the east, and north to south, from Columbus Avenue to Harrison Avenue.

The South End is known for its Victorian style houses and Boston's South End Row Housesmany parks. Since 1973 the South End has listed on the National Register of Historic Places as “the largest urban Victorian neighborhood in the country.” In 1983 it was named a Boston Landmark District.

Find out more about the history of the The South End.

What else is in Boston’s South End?


SoWa is the creative center of Boston’s South End and is short for “South of Washington. ” USA Today named it the #2 Best Art District in the country.  You can find the SoWa Open Market and the SoWa Vintage Market there as well.

Cultural Arts

In addition to art galleries in the SoWa district, the rest of The South End is home to the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) and the school for the Boston Ballet, and many more galleries and theaters. It is home to the Institute of Contemporary Art. You can also join the annual SoWa Art Walk being held this year on May 1, 2016


A park in Boston's South EndThere are many, many parks scattered through the Sound End.  For example, here is a list of 28 Kid Friendly Parks in Boston’s South End.

South Corridor Park follows the Orange Line nearly five miles and runs through the South End. A walk along the the stretch between the Mass Ave and Back Bay subway stops is a great way to see the South End.



High end fine dining to kitchy breakfast nooks and everything in between. You will find it all in the South End. Check out the links below for a smorgasbord of dining tips and information.

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Short Term Rentals

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Downtown Boston Neighborhoods – Be The BEST NEIGHBOR Ever!

What’s not to love about the downtown Boston neighborhoods? Whether its a QUICK and EASY commute to work, bars, restaurants, museums or sports; this area welcomes young newcomers.


The wonderful aspect about the new Boston is that all the downtown neighborhoods welcome diversity. Want to ensure YOU’LL LOVE and will BE LOVED by the long-time residents in your neighborhood?

downtown Boston neighborhoods

Follow all of the suggestions given by NorthEndWaterfront.com and YOU will be the best neighbor ever!  Here are some of our favorite tips:

  1. Learn the rules about trash and recycling – to keep the rats away, put out your trash and recycle containers just after 7 a.m. instead of the night before. A list of rules for each neighborhood can be found on the city’s website.
  2. Throw good, safe parties – Most neighbors are familiar enough with city life to tolerate music, chatter and the clinking of glasses into the evening. But if the party is too loud and late into night, don’t be surprised to see the police at your door.
  3. Read your neighborhood newspaper – learn about neighborhood activities and any matters or concerns.
  4. Ditch your car – walking, T-riding, Zipcar-reserving, Uber-calling and taxi-hailing should get you around just fine.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Want to come visit?

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Food Trucks Hit Boston

Boston Food Truck Season Begins!

With the arrival of spring, food truck season has begun again in Boston. Food trucks have become a big hit in Boston over the last few years! The amount of food trucks over the last few years has skyrocketed, and this year there are 15 new trucks added to the roster. There is a truck for every possible food you could want. Have a craving for some Mexican?  Tenoch has you covered. Grilled Cheese? Try Roxy’s Grilled Cheese! Are you bacon obsessed? Then The Bacon Truck is you go to!

You name it they have it. And this year, Boston’s newly elected mayor is pilot testing late-night eats by extending curfews for the trucks in certain areas, specifically near colleges. This is part of the mayor’s latest drive to extend the city’s hours and attract younger crowds.

The food trucks can be found at various locations around the city throughout the week but most of them can be found along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. On Sundays, starting in May, most of them can also be found at SOWA open market and other open markets in the area.