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Spring Break 2017: VISIT BOSTON!

Reasons why you should consider Boston for Spring Break 2017

Boston may not immediately come to mind when you are dreaming of escaping to a paradise for some serious partying for Spring Break. However, the town does have some incredible things to offer both students who want a quiet spring break and those who want to party. It’s also a great destination for families too!

Since Boston spring breaks range from late February to early April, spring break 2017 will go on long enough for students from around the country to make it in time.

Staying in BostonUntitled-6

There are many fantastic choices of accommodations in Boston. Stay in one of several fabulous neighborhoods like Back Bay, North End, West End, Beacon Hill, Brighton, Charlestown, Chinatown and more.

Boston is not that big by “big city” standards so getting around town is really easy. Unlike bigger cities like New York and Chicago, you can see a lot more in a day. Consider more bang for your buck by staying in a short-term apartment rental rather than hotel. You have all the comfort and convenience of home and you can see what it’s like to live in Boston. Plus, apartments are great for groups.

Shopping in BostonPrudential Center Mall

Shopping in Boston is like no other place on earth. There are so many different areas in Boston that have their own unique shopping experience. No matter what you are looking for you can find it in Boston, and will be sure to have a good time and be entertained along the way. Read more.

Parking in Boston

Boston is not a grid. parking in bostonBoston’s streets were designed in horse and buggy times, not for our current space age of modern gasoline powered automobile times. Finding your way around can be a challenge and finding parking can be frustrating. Read our guide to making it all easier so you can spend more time doing and less time circling the block. However, public transportation, walking and biking are really easy to do in Boston.

Free Learning ExperiencesBoston Museums USS Constitution

Boston has plenty of free museum time and interesting sites if you are more into learning and less into drinking and meeting new people. It is possible to fill much more than a week paying only for lodging, food and transportation.

  • Take a tour of the State House
  • Use the city’s self-guided iPod tours
  • See the USS Constitution
  • Visit the MFA
  • See the stars at the Coit Observatory
  • Walk the Freedom Trail

Party CentralBoston Pub Crawl

Boston may not have endless miles of tropical beaches but we do have an almost endless list of amazing bars, pubs, and entertainment options. There are not many places in the world where you can design your own ultimate Pub Crawl and hit several FAMOUS bars in one day.

Whisky Saigon might be the biggest party that is happening in Boston. Luxury combines with popular music to make this club a great place to drink and dance all night long. Plus, they have an attached restaurant to grab some dinner before hitting the dance floor.
116 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116  Phone: (617) 482-7799

Fire + Ice Boston is a must while you are here. Located walking distance from Newbury Street, the Boston Public Library, and the Freedom Trail – FiRE+iCE Boston is the perfect place for that can’t-miss, wicked awesome, iconic, Boston experience. They are best known for their legendary round grill that allows you to enjoy a dish of your own creation – like “choose your own adventure dining.” This is a great place to eat a lot and party with a large group.

205 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA Phone: 617-482-FIRE (3473)

Have Fun and Be Safe!

We hope you consider visiting Boston for Spring Break 2017. There is so much to do, you will definitely stay busy and create lasting memories. Let us know if we can help you with anything.  Call (877) 795-4387 today to book your lodging.

Things EVERY Man’s Apartment Needs

Attention all Men!

Are you renting your first apartment? Do you want to upgrade a bit because of a love interest? Not happy with the man cave approach to living anymore?

This list of items will launch into the adult category of living and possible boost your love life as well. Check ’em out! You are welcome!

Proper Beverage Glasseswhat ever man's apartment needs

Plastic Solo cups just don’t cut it anymore. If you want to serve a sophisticated glass of wine, it should be in a wine glass. A really nice glass can (and will) make a cheap bottle of wine look better. Look how that glass of wine even makes this pizza look better!

Towels: In different sizestowels with candles and a rose

Buy a matching set that includes a couple wash clothes, hand towels and large, fluffy bath towels. You never know what an overnight guest might prefer. However, we guarantee it isn’t a holey, faded beach towel from spring break.

Hint: See how awesome those candles make the towels look!

Also, while you are out shopping, get an extra set of sheets (or two) for your bed. You won’t have to do laundry as often.

Coffee Table

Even if it just for propping your feet on while you watch TV, it will come in handy for all sorts of things. Pizza boxes, beer, more candles…coffee perhaps.

Notice the glass. It is not red or plastic.

man's apartment coffee table

 A Futon (or at least a decent couch)

Everyone has owned a futon at least once. They are functional and versatile and come in a variety of sizes. And they are A LOT easier to move than a fold out couch, which are so 1970s anyway. If you don’t like futons, no problem. Just make sure your couch is new-ish, comfortable and free of any identifiable stains.  If you can afford your own apartment you should also treat yourself to comfortable furniture–you will be the one spending the most time using it.

Coat Rackmodern silver coat rack with black jacket

You will need a place to hang your guests’ coats who come over to drink your wine and admire your new coffee table.

Plus, it is easier to leave your apartment when you can find your coat.

Shoe Rack

For all the same reasons you need a coat rack, but for shoes.

mne's dress shoes lined up on a shoe rack

Dining Table

The coffee table is only so big and you might want to invite more than one friend over at a time.

small modern dining table with chairs

Coffee Maker

It might save your life one morning, or at least your wallet. Cheaper than a triple chocolate latte at the cafe.

Additional Items to Consider

  • A robe
  • A welcome mat
  • Bathroom scale
  • Full length mirror
  •  A small desk
  • An adjustable floor lamp
  • An electric fan
  • Mini fridge/mini bar

Good luck and have fun in your new apartment!

Restaurants in Boston’s Back Bay

Do You Have a Favorite Back Bay Restaurant?

Besides having a favorite restaurant you may have a favorite Boston NEIGHBORHOOD to eat in, but we won’t get into that debate here. There are so many good eats to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down. We created the ultimate Back Bay Restaurants List from the top listings in:

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Boston’s Top Back Bay Restaurants in Alphabetical Order

Click on the restaurant names to go to their websites.

Abe & Louie’s

Fine Dining/Reservation Recommended
793 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 536-6300
Cuisine: Steak, American
Cost: Average
Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Outdoor Seating


Fine Dining
47 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 585-9575
Cuisine: French
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol

Atlantic Fish Company

Fine Dining/Bar
761 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 267-4000
Cuisine: Seafood
Cost: Average is $40 for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Outdoor Seating

Bistro du Midi

Fine Dining
272 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 426-7878
Cuisine: French
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Known For Inviting atmosphere, Takeout Available, Serves Alcohol,Outdoor Seating

Capital Grille, The

Fine Dining
900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 262-8900
Cuisine: Steak/American
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Old-school steak house, Serves Alcohol, Private Dining Area Available

Casa Romero

Casual Dining/Bar
30 Gloucester Street, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 536-4341
Cuisine: Mexican
Cost: Average is $40 for two people
Highlights: Delivery, Takeout Available, Serves Alcohol, Outdoor Seating

Da Vinci Ristorante

Fine Dining
162 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 650-0007
Cuisine: Italian
Cost: Average is $40 for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Outdoor Seating, Gluten Free Options, Private Dining Area Available


Fine Dining, Bar
75 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 357-4810
Cuisine: Steak, Italian
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Kid Friendly, Gluten Free Options


Fine Dining
371 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 517-5915
Cuisine: American, French
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Takeout Available, Notable Wine List

Dig Inn

Quick Bites
557 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 904-3711
Cuisine: American
Cost: Average is $25 for two people
Highlights: Breakfast, Takeout, Brunch, WiFi, Outdoor seating

Grill 23 & Bar

Fine Dining, Bar
161 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 542-2255
Cuisine: Steak, Seafood
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Private Dining Area Available

Kings Boston

Casual Dining, Bar
50 Dalton Street, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 266-2695
Cuisine: American, Bar Food
Cost: Average is $25 for two people
Highlights: Takeout Available, Full Bar Available, Live Music, Wifi, Vegan Options, Kid Friendly, Gluten Free Options, Craft Beer, Gastro Pub, Serves Cocktails

Legal Sea Foods

100 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 266-7775
Cuisine: American, Seafood
Cost: Average is $150 for two people
Highlights: Takeout Available, Serves Alcohol, Private Dining Area Available,Gluten Free Options, Kid Friendly

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

Casual Dining/Bar
271 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 369-5609
Cuisine: Mexican
Cost: Average is $40 to for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol


Fine Dining
223 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 867-9300
Cuisine: French
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Wine, Private Dining Area Available


Fine Dining, Bar
1 Charles Street South, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 421-1200
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Seafood
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Takeout Available, Serves Alcohol, Live Music, Raw Food

Parish Cafe

Casual Dining/Bar
361 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 247-4777
Cuisine: American
Cost: Average is $25 for two people
Highlights: Takeout Available, Serves Alcohol, Outdoor Seating


Casual Dining/Wine Cafe
226 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 536-2020
Cuisine: Italian
Cost: Average is $40 for two people
Highlights: Takeout Available

Select Oyster Bar

Fine Dining
50 Gloucester Street, Boston, MA 02115
(857) 239-8064
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Seafood
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Outdoor Seating


Casual Dining/Café/Reservations Recommended
327 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 351-2500
Cuisine: American, Cafe
Cost: Average is 440 for two people
Highlights: Breakfast, Gluten Free Options


Fine Dining, Bar
1 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 412-4600
Cuisine: Italian
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Private Dining Area Available

Stephanie’s on Newbury

Fine Dining/Bar
190 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 236-0690
Cuisine: New American
Cost: Average is $40 for two people
Highlights: Breakfast, Takeout Available, Serves Alcohol

Top of the Hub

Fine Dining/Bar
800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199

Cuisine: New American, Seafood
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Wine and Beer, City View, Private Dining Area Available

Trident Booksellers & Cafe

Café/Casual Dining
338 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 267-8688
Cuisine: American/Cafe
Cost: Average is $25 for two people
Highlights: Breakfast, Takeout Available, Serves Alcohol, Live Entertainment, Private Dining Area Available


Fine Dining
370a Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
(617) 536-7200
Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese
Cost: Average is $70 for two people
Highlights: Takeout, Serves alcohol

What is your favorite Back Bay Restaurant?

Let us know and we’ll add it to out list.

The Boston Dining Scene 2017

Boston Dining is Trending in 2017

According to Tasting Table:

For anyone who’s eaten one too many meals at Legal Sea Foods or Bertucci’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that), the restaurant scene in Boston these days may feel unrecognizable. From Ana Sortun’s empire spreading out in Cambridge to all-day gem Juliet in Somerville to Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer’s new hot spot, Little Donkey, Boston’s dining scene is thriving. All eyes may have been on Washington, D.C. and L.A. in 2016, but food lovers would be wise to watch Beantown next.

Travel and Leisure also Agrees:

…Beyond the brownstones, Boston is far from conservative, especially when it comes to food. With more than 50 institutions of higher education, this is, after all, a place that runs on youth and new ideas. And right now the Boston area has flavors you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S.: some of the most inventive Japanese food in the country; James Beard Award–winning charcuterie; and eastern Mediterranean food of a refinement that draws chefs from around the land to study it. The best part? These restaurants are all in the hands of chefs who have helped one another grow and fostered kitchens where people rise though the ranks. That’s just how Boston rolls.

Boston Dining Options

So many to choose from…

Boston Eater suggests 38 restaurants to try. Here’s what they have to say:

This elite group of 38 must-try restaurants is meant to cover the city of Boston and a little bit beyond while spanning multiple cuisines and price points, collectively satisfying all of your restaurant needs.

What is your favorite Boston Restaurant?

Are you a regular at a local restaurant or bar? Are you from out of town and have a “must eat at” place when you visit? Pleas share your recommendations. We’re always looking for new places to try.

Cheers to 2017!!!

Caroling in Boston

Caroling Events Around Boston

Do you like to sing Christmas songs? Did your family go caroling when you were little? The Boston area has a few options for those of you who just don’t get into the Christmas spirit until you’ve sung (or heard) your favorite holiday songs.

There are INDOOR and OUTDOOR caroling options so check them out!

Fa la la la la, la la, la, la!

Boston Holiday Pops

Now Through Dec. 24, 2013
Symphony Hall
301 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 266-1200

Join the Boston Pops for some INDOOR caroling in a performance filled with holiday music favorites, the traditional Pops sing-a-long, and even a visit from jolly old Santa Claus.

The kids’ matinee performances include post-concert photos with Santa and special treats. Special post-Christmas concerts feature screenings of the unforgettable movie classic, Back to the Future, live with orchestral accompaniment, and New Year’s Eve with the Boston Pops Swing Orchestra led by bandleader Bo Winiker will kick off the new year in style. Don’t miss the most popular seasonal tradition around!

Christmas by Candlelight

Date: Dec. 13-15, 20-22, 2013 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
1 Old Sturbridge Village Road
Sturbridge, MA 01566
(800) 733-1830

Escape the frenzy of a modern Christmas with an enchanted evening of gingerbread, roasted chestnuts, music, dance, and a sleigh ride (weather permitting). Meet and chat with Santa Claus (bring your camera!). This year, be on the look out for a new Santa’s village! 

The Christmas Revels

Date: Dec. 13-27, 2013
Harvard University
45 Quincy St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 496-2222

A holiday tradition for more than four decades, The Christmas Revels is a joyful theatrical celebration of the winter solstice that travels the world each year showcasing cultural traditions including music, dance, folktales and rituals.

This year’s Revels follows the original French immigrants who settled on the Canadian border but were later forced southward by the British to a new home along the bayous of Louisiana. Filled with toe-tapping fiddle tunes, lilting Cajun two steps, gorgeous anthems, and familiar touchstones like the Sussex Mummers Carol and Lord of the Dance, this will be a Christmas Revels to remember.

The Boston Merry Christmas Caroling Mob

Date: Dec. 23, 2013 at 4 p.m.

Green Street MBTA Station
S.W. Corridor Park
Boston, MA 02130

Organized by Joel Sindelar in Jamaica Plain, the Boston Caroling Mob is an open invitation to singers from all over Boston, to gather together in Jamaica Plain and sing carols door-to-door, choro-a-mano. Free and open to merry singers of all ages, abilities, races, orientations, denominations, etc.

The Caroling Mob usually numbers more than 100 singers and lasts about 2 hours, starting at 4pm on the Sunday before Christmas Eve. We meet at a stop on the MBTA’s Orange Line; if it rains, we sing on the T; if it’s clear or snowing, we walk through the neighborhood ringing doorbells.

More Caroling Events

Please share any additional opportunities for caroling with us and we will help spread the joy!

‘Tis the Season!

Caroling in Boston

December in Boston: Things To Do

December in Boston

Yep, the 12th month of the year is right around the corner. Can you believe it?

Need a place to stay?

Short-term apartment rentals provide a great place to stay in the city. We have locations in all your favorite Boston neighborhoods.

Check out these fabulous events and happenings for December in Boston.

Theater Shows In December in Boston

There are so many shows going on in the month of December it is hard to narrow down the list.

  • The Nutcracker at the Boston Opera House
  • The Blue Man Group at Charles Playhouse
  • Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity at Paramount Theatre
  • Tedeschi Trucks Band & Amy Ray at the Orpheum Theatre – Boston
  • Cirque Dreams: Holidaze at the Shubert Theatre
  • Cast Of Impractical Jokers & The Tenderloins at Boch Center – Wang Theater
  • Pink Martini at Orpheum Theatre
  • Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream at Agganis Arena
  • Boston Holiday Pops Concerts in Symphony Hall

Christmas Trees and LightsDecember in Boston

You can find the two biggest trees in Boston at Boston Common and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Faneuil Hall is also the place to see Blink! holiday lights and music show. This magical and unforgettable light show uses over 350,000 LED lights to illuminate Boston’s skyline – to the music of the Holiday Pops. It is a seven-minute show that runs continuously each evening beginning November 20th.

Shopping!!!!December in Boston

Shopping is one of the top things to do in Boston in December! The stores and streets are lit up with festive holiday decorations and cheer!

Frog Pond Ice Skating

For many, a spin around Frog Pond at Boston Common is a winter tradition in Boston. Grab family and friends and rent some ice skates and show off your moves.

Skiing Near Boston

Massachusetts ski areas near Boston and beyond provide plenty of downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and cross country trails.

First Night Boston 2017 – First Day Boston

Celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Boston at this huge two-day event with lots of activities for the whole family.

First Night festivities include a dramatic fireworks show at midnight over Boston Harbor, a huge Celebrate Boston Parade down Boylston Street, family-friendly activities, live musical performances, and spectacular ice sculptures by renowned artists.

Then, kick off 2017 with a First Day Fun Run/Walk on Boston Common.  Look for special museum discounts, more arts performances around the city, and plenty of First Day brunches at Boston restaurants.

Find out more here.

November: Things to Do in Boston

Looking for something to do this November?

Boston is never short on fun and interesting things to do and November is no exception.

Last week we provided options for Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston and here have fun things to do throughout the rest of the month. Enjoy!

Veteran’s Day: Parades and more!november-veterans-day-parade

Friday, November 11, 2016

Not just one, but two 2016 Veterans Day Parades, a special Harbor cruise to Fort Warren to explore Boston’s military history, and several other special events mark the occasion.

Traditionally, Veterans Day sales in Boston provide large discounts. Several area restaurants offer free meals to Veterans, too!

Boston Comedy Fest

November 11th also kicks off the Boston Comedy Fest which runs through November 19th. Click on the link to check out the lineups, see who is being awarded Comedian of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards, and other events associated with this annual good time!

Ice Skating on Boston Common’s Frog Pond

Another annual tradition that usually starts mid to late November.

 Black Friday Salesnovember-black-friday-sales

Friday, November 25th kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season. Don’t miss these places to pick up some great deals!

Where should you go?  Try these Black Friday suggestions:

The Nutcrackernovember-nutcracker

The Boston Ballet presents The Nutcracker from November 25th through December 31st, 2016. Whether you are seeing it again or for the first time, The Nutcracker will capture your imagination and transport you to a magical world of toy solders and dancing snowflakes. Create an annual tradition with family and friends at one of New England’s most beloved holiday events.

Free Things to in Boston in November

Free equals good! Check out this list of fun and free events in Boston.

What are your favorite things to do in Boston?

Let us know and we’ll add them to our list.

Staying in Boston?402-columbus-2

If you have family or friends coming into town for the holidays who are looking for a place to stay, consider short-term apartment rentals. It feels more like a “home away from home” with all the conveniences and none of the hassle. Call us today for availability. 877-795-4387

Boston Public Library: Spend a few hours here

The 1st municipal public library in the U.S.

With a collection of over 23.7 million items you can practically hear book pages rustling as you walk up the steps.

The Boston Public Library, BPL, is a municipal public library system encompassing several locations. The Central Library is located in Copley Square in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

It is also the Library for the Commonwealth which means that all adult residents of the commonwealth are entitled to borrowing and research privileges, and the library receives state funding.

The Boston Public Library is Free and Fun!

The architecture of the Central Boston Public Library is another great example of amazing buildings in Boston. Plus, the artwork housed inside is museum-worthy and FREE to enjoy.

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Public Tours

The Boston Public Library offers daily FREE public tours by trained volunteer guides.

Tours last approximately one hour and begin from the McKim Building vestibule, through the library’s Dartmouth Street entrance.

Private tours, Student Groups and a self-guided walking tour are also available.

Collections of Distinction

According to their website the Library’s Collections of Distinction represent the most outstanding, expansive, and renowned of the Boston Public Library’s physical collections.

Featured collections include:

Programs & Events

The Boston Public Library hosts thousands of programs and dozens of exhibitions each year. Find out more about these events, which are free to all.

Staying in Boston? 12630743_619392337756_913747479_o

Staying a week? A month? Here on business?  Don’t forget about short-term apartment rentals as a great alternative to traditional hotels. For comparable prices you can stay in several Boston historic neighborhoods and have all the conveniences of home. Call Maverick Empire today for availability. 877-795-4387



Halloween in Boston: Things to Do

Lots of Spooky and Fun things to do in the Boston area this Halloween. Check ’em out!

Rise of the Jack-o’-Lanterns

This Halloween thousands of amazing, carved pumpkins will take over the Boston Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center. The multi-day, all-ages event will take place Thursday to Sunday, October 27 to 30. Tickets are required and won’t be sold at the door. For more information, check out therise.org.

Walk the Plank Fashion Show

October 29, 2016 @ 8pm

Ten Boston designers will battle it out Project Runway style to see who can create the best Pirate costume.  Then they will have to “walk the plank” to show off their wares. At the after party DJ Estrela will spin the best in top 40, hip-hop, and electronic music for a fun party. Gather your friends, start crafting your costume, and get in the spirit of the Pirate nautical theme. Find out more.

Boston Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

Step aboard the trolley of the doomed and join your host, a 17th-century grave digger, cursed with a sentence of eternal damnation. Hear about Boston’s most sinister characters – from the Angel of Death to the king of all killers – the Boston Strangler. Learn about all the haunts that call the “Hub” their home. But that’s not all! Step inside two of the oldest burying grounds in Boston for a walking tour you will never forget. More info.

Halloween Dance Party Cruise

Saturday, October 29 @ 7:30pm.

Call forth the spirit of the Flying Dutchman and its ghostly crew with a Halloween Haunted Ghost Ship party cruise. Put on your best costume for an unforgettable night on the water where you can celebrate the chills of the season. The ship offers stunning views of Boston Harbor and the inky-black moonlit ocean. More info.

Halloween on the Harbor party crawl

Friday, October 28, 7pm-10pm.

A $10 ticket (proceeds donated to a local non-profit – this year’s event benefits Friends of the Port Point Channel) gets you rides on a Boston Duck shuttle departing from Seaport Hotel to all the Halloween parties at The Barking Crab, Jerry Remy’s, Whiskey Priest, Atlantic Beer Garden, and more top spots along the waterfront (some bars may charge a cover).  Come in costume, and get ready to party!

Franklin Park Zoo Halloween Happenings

Zoo Howl

Saturday, October 29 & Sunday, October 30, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Visit the zoo during the day to trick-or-treat among the animals. Thrills, chills and animals lurk around every corner on the Trick-or-Treat Trail. Throughout the day, guests will learn about the importance of enrichment, as they watch as many of the animals receive pumpkins. More info.

The Midnight Zoo

Thurs-Sun, through October 30, 6-10 p.m.

Under the light of the autumn moon, discover a secret corner of Franklin Park Zoo that is home to a mysterious, mystical world. The Midnight Zoo surrounds visitors with never-before-seen creatures from the farthest realms of the imagination. Wind your way through the darkness as the woods come alive in this 360-degree immersive experience. More info.

Maudslay is Haunted—Haunted Trail 2016!

Saturday and Sunday, October 22 & 23 Gates open from 2 – 4 PM
Maudslay State Park, Newburyport, MA 01950
Admission: $7.00; Children 3 and under free

Theater in the Open’s notorious annual haunting of Maudslay is for one weekend only.  Join a cast of all ages for a one-hour walk through eerie vignettes, spooky sketches and haunting scenes, all in the autumn grandeur of Maudslay State Park. This is a family-friendly event designed for all ages. More info.

Castle Island South Boston Magical Castle 

Castle Island Association’s 34th Annual Halloween Celebration is Saturday and Sunday October 22nd & 23rd from 12-4pm. Perfect fun and FREE family celebration!

Haunted CastleHammond Castle, Gloucester

Fridays and Saturdays, October 14 – 29, 2016   
Ages 7 & up

A local tradition for over 25 years, the Haunted Castle is a surreal and unique 20-30 minute indoor and outdoor walking tour of a real medieval castle, just a few minutes north of the Haunted Happenings of Salem.

Park at Stage Fort Park for free, buy your tickets at the ticket booth, and ride the free shuttle bus to the castle (there is no parking at the castle).

Octoberfest Kids’ TrailWinslow Farm Animal Sanctuary, Norton

Fridays-Sundays, October 7-30, 2016
All ages
$10/Adult, $5/Child

If you’d like to have a little bit of spooky Halloween fun, but you’re not sure how your little one will do, you may want to try the kid-friendly haunted trail at Winslow Farm. It is designed especially for children, complete with Halloween decor and a friendly ghost or two. Bring a flashlight for the evening trail.

Halloween in Salem

Halloween in Salem Massachusetts is a month-long spree of haunted happenings, séances, ghouls, ghost stories, witches, pirates, vampires, and the macabre.  More info.

Need a Costume?

Oh, and just in case you need a costume idea, get your Boston Red Sox’s costumes here.

Staying in Boston

Are you planning a visit to Boston to check out some Halloween Happenings? Consider one of our many short-term apartment locations throughout the city of Boston. Stay just a short distance from your favorite attractions with all the comforts of home. Call now to secure a reservation. 877-795-4387

Cozy Apartment Decorating Tips

Cozy up this Fall and Winter

Now that the weather is getting colder it is time to create the perfect cozy apartment or space.

No matter how long you will be in your current space, it is important to make it comfortable and homey. Even if you have a short-term apartment rental, own your own condo or house, are living in a dorm, or any other living arrangements, these great tips will be sure to have you snuggling up!

Clutter does not equal cozy!cozy-aparment-messy

One tips that applies to all of us: clutter does not equal cozy!

(Groan) No one likes to clean their apartment or house but it has to be done. You will feel much better and so will your guests.

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Layer up your bed!

We don’t mean stuff it full of monkeys “and they all rolled over and one fell out!” Instead, layer your blankets for those chilly nights and add some more pillows for a deep, soft sleep.

cozy-apartment-layered-bedShow Off Your Blankets!

Nothing says cozy like the perfect, soft, blanket. It’s like wrapping yourself in a giant hug. Display your extra blankets near your coach or sitting area so guests feel welcome to grab them and wrap up.

cozy-apartment-blanketsCreate an Art Gallery

Gather up some of your favorite art and photographs and create a mini gallery on your wall. Group them together to create a unique look.

cozy-aparment-art-galleryDiscover the Magic of Candles

While you are in the mood for grouping things, gather up your candles and create a beautiful display on a table top, mantle, or counter. Soft lighting is a quick and easy way to instantly transform any space into a cozy den.

cozy-apartment-candlesMore Cozy Mood Lighting

It might be considered tacky to leave Christmas lights on your front porch all year round, but some simple strands of white lights placed around your sitting or dining area creates a sense of quiet with soft lighting. It’s not considered a decorating no-no unless the lights are actually on your dead tree in the corner in July.

cozy-apartment-white-string-lights One more Lighting Trick

Use lamps in strategic places to avoid the harsh glare of overhead lighting.


Something Old

Antiques, family heirlooms, old books, and other cool memorabilia lend themselves perfectly to creating a cozy atmosphere. Plus, it’s a great excuse to display your treasures. So break out the dusty boxes and see what you’ve got packed away that is just waiting to be turned loose.

cozy-apartment-antiquesSettle in for a long winter’s nap…

Create the perfect space in a corner of your apartment by bringing all of you favorite cozy things to together. A comfy chair, your favorite snugly blanket, your preferred lighting, a good book or movie, and possibly a great friend to share it all with.

cozy-spot-What is your favorite way to make your space cozy?

We want to know!