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Holiday Apartment Decorating Tips

Apartments are Perfect for Creating Cozy Holiday Decorating Spaces

Limited space can actually work in your favor when your are holiday apartment decorating . It won’t take as much to fill your space with the warmth and cheer of the season.

You can go crazy on a limited budget and make it look the north pole, or you can reign it in a bit and go for classy and elegant. Your choice, but don’t let your square footage stop you from getting in the holiday spirit.

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Bonsai that tree!

Find the perfect sized tree for your apartment. Instead of cramming a six foot tree into a tight corner, go smaller. You can find real and artificial Christmas trees in all sizes.

Holiday Apartment DecoratingDeck the Walls!

Maximize wall space when you are holiday apartment decorating (just make sure you don’t ruin the walls in the process). This way you can deck the halls without creating too much clutter.

Walls are also a good option for stockings if you do not have a”chimney” to hang them on with care.

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Holiday Apartment Decorating

Mold It and Frame It!

Decorate your door frames, molding and windowsills with garlands and decorative lights. This will make the your interior decor cheery with the added bonus of being visible from outside your apartment, which will help spread holiday cheer throughout your neighborhood. That is so nice of you!


Holiday Apartment Decorating

Bring the Outdoors In!

Even though you live in the city, it’s nice to have a touch of the outdoors inside for the holidays. No, we don’t mean pigeons! Fresh greens will smell nice too!

Holiday Apartment Decorating

Do you have any tips for Holiday Apartment Decorating? We’d love to hear them!

7 Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Whether you are in your first apartment, bought a penthouse, or are just looking to freshen up, these decorating tips will work for smaller spaces. When it comes to working in small spaces, you need a big imagination!

#1. Determine Your Priorities

The first step is to figure out what the most important features are to you? Do you small round dining table with 2 chairsabsolutely need a work space with a desk? Do you cook a lot, or is take-out the name of your game? Is a huge, comfy bed a must have, or could you use a bed that fold up into the wall? Maybe you don’t need a formal dining table that seats 8, when a cute breakfast nook will do!

It’s your home, so figure out what is most important to you and where you can save space. Not all of these decorating tips may apply, but some will.

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#2. Lighten Up!

Lack of natural light, paint colors, dark furniture and accents can all attribute to living neutral tones in a bedroomin the dark. The second step is to walk through your entire space and note all the dark areas.

If the woodwork and the floors are dark, use more natural colors on the walls and for your furniture like whites, tans, rusts, and soft grays. These colors are very versatile, airy and work well with darker permanent features.

A well placed, light colored rug can do wonders for cheering up a drab room.

If you need more light white rug in black and red roomconsider recessed lighting.

For dramatically dark rooms like bedrooms or TV rooms, you can keep the dark and make it work by adding strategic soft lighting like multiple lamps.


#3. Hang a Mirror (or two)

If you place a mirror opposite a window it will help to bounce light around the room, making the space feel airier. Bigger is better. round mirror on the wall by window with purple curtains

#4.  Change Your Curtainsdecorating tips: long curtains on a window

Standard Apartment issued curtains or blinds are well, YUCK! (and hard to dust). Replace your blinds with some funky or interesting curtains. If you hang them from the floor to the ceiling it will make your room look taller. Flowy and airy is a great look that can cheer up any room.

#5. Use Shelving Wiselydecorating tips shelving in the corning in an apartment

Floating shelves offer storage space without having to resort to bulkiny bookcases. You can even use them for you nightstand or extra storage in the kitchen.



#6. Use Smaller Furniture

decorating tips: two small couchesStick to your priorities first (if you have to have a big overstuffed easy chair than keep it), but for other furniture scale it back and try to find pieces that are curvy and stylish. Optical illusions do work, if the room looks bigger because the furniture is smaller than you have succeeded. You can do this without using kid-sized furniture!

#7. More Lighting!decorating tips room with several lamps

We mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating. The more lamps and lighting you can add to a space the more cozy and inviting it becomes. If you don’t have room to add all the furniture or storage you would ideally want, add some more lamps. You can’t go wrong.

Short-Term Apartment Rentals

Depending on what type of apartment you are renting, you may have limited ability to change things. If your apartment is a short-term rental you probably won’t be able to change much, or have the time. But the good news is that most likely it comes furnished and the owners have already considered all the details to create an enjoyable space you will feel comfortable in. Check out our short-term rental properties with several locations throughout Boston.

Ideas for Small Living Spaces

Are you moving into a small living space or want more storage for your tiny apartment?

Even if you are enjoying a short-term apartment rental, you want to be comfortable and relaxed.

Whether you are downsizing, sharing your space, or living in a premium small space, there are so many ways to maximize on space and enjoy your freedom from STUFF!

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De-Clutter: Do you REALLY need that?

The number one objective is to declutter your possessions. Read: GET RID OF WHAT YOU REALLY DON’T NEED! Small living spaces means a smaller amount of storage.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. A clutter-free house is so much easier to keep clean and your mind will feel less cluttered, too.

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Get Organized: Find a system and stick to it!

Once you have your treasures pared down to a manageable level, figure out a system to keep things organized. You might not have the same system for every area of your house, but a good rule of thumb is to ALWAYS have a place for everything and ALWAYS put things in its place. You will know where it is, and it won’t be laying around to trip on and hurt yourself over.

Maximize Storage: Get Creative!


Shelving and storage can be created out of just about anything and put on any usable wall space.

Ceiling shelving can go all the way around small living spaces and it is out of the way. You can keep things up there that you don’t need very often.

Over the door shelving is the same concept as ceiling shelving. This works especially well if you have some extra room above your bathroom door. You can store towels and extra TP up there.

Corner shelving can be tucked out of the way and actually hold quite a bit of stuff. The rounded design also lends itself to small spaces: less corners to wack your thigh or big toe on!

A nightstand shelf could be used in a corner next to the bed instead of an actual nightstand. This allows the bed to be pushed closer to the wall and eliminates a piece of furniture.

Furnituresmall spaces

Simple furniture with a sleek design and a minimalist look can free up floor space. Dressers, couches, beds and other pieces that have space underneath for storage are ideal. But don’t feel like you have to use doll house furniture for everything and skimp of comfortable.  A few well placed bigger items can mix it up a little.

Short Term Rental

Even if you aren’t planning on staying somewhere long, particularly a smaller space, it important to keep organized and have a system for staying on top of clutter.